Chalk writing above door shelves

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DIY Chalk Paint Review Update

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Six Ways to Detect Paranormal Activity in a House

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Chalkboard with Shelves Plans

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Painting Shelves and Bookshelf. by Rhoda April 28 so I got out my sander and sanded down the wood to get off the sticky mess. The great thing about chalk paint is you don’t have to sand or prime, I just needed to get off the mess first.

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Chalk markings above doors

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You can conveniently store toolboxes, chemicals and various supplies on this heavy duty shelving unit. Really excited to start my first ‘tester’ piece with diy chalk paint!! You are truly an inspiration. Couple questions: after painting the piece, then finishing with a few coats of wax, is the piece done, as in OK to display in your home?

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Chalk writing above door shelves
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