Nature vs nurture etiology of homosexuality

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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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File png - (KB, x, Hi guys, to begin I just want to make a couple of things clear. - This thread is NOT about discrimination of homosexuals.

- This thread is NOT about considering homosexuality as disease. Contemporary Views of Nature vs. Nurture Throughout the history of psychology, however, this debate has continued to stir up controversy. Eugenics, for example, was a movement heavily influenced by the nativist approach.

Contrary to media portrayals, a link between genetics and homosexuality is not certain. Many initial, poorly designed studies have been. HOMOSEXUALITY: NATURE VERSUS NURTURE Nature; all things belong to Mother Nature; the trees, the flowers, insects, the great waters, animals, and even the human race; all following the laws of nature that we are instinctively born with.

Cherry Picking the Bible? Are Christians Expected to Follow the Levitical Laws?

Nowhere is the uncertainty of nature versus nurture more widely discussed than in issues surrounding human sexuality. What do teens think about the possible causes of homosexuality?

Biology and sexual orientation

The question of nature or nurture stands at the very center of many complex issues. The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research. While scientists do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation, they theorize that a combination of genetic, hormonal, and social factors determine it.

Hypotheses for the impact of the post-natal social environment on sexual orientation, however, are weak.

Nature vs nurture etiology of homosexuality
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