Parachutes a science experiment

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Theme of the Week – Mad Science

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Parachutes Experiment

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Parachutes, Gravity and Air Resistance

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Paper Power

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How To Make a Parachute

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"Fabrik" invites you to take on creative challenges involving invention and assembly-work using a variety of random pieces. Working alone or in teams, visitors of all ages must envision technological solutions and build them from the different odds and ends provided.

Derby cars, parachutes, catapults, floating vessels the sky is the limit! How does a parachute work? Do bigger parachutes work better than smaller parachutes?


Find out in this science project if the size of the parachute matters. Objective. Test different sized parachutes to see how changes in the size of the parachute affect flight. For this experiment, we'll limit the supplies to two sheets of paper, 1 foot of string, 1 paperclip and two inches of masking tape per parachute.

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Parachutes a science experiment
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