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Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Released! news

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A Project Reality mod for Arm A was released inand a Vietnam War-based version, Project Reality: Vietnam was released in April Not to be confused with Nintendo 64, a video game console codenamed "Project Reality". Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam is an add-on for the PR:BF2 v modification.

In this addon we have added 3 new factions, 4 maps, 20 new vehicles and 14 new weapons. Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam is an add-on for the PR:BF2 v modification and in this addon the team has added 3 new factions, 4 maps, 20.

Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam is an add-on for the PR:BF2 v modification and in this addon the team has added 3 new factions, 4 maps, 20 new vehicles and 14 new weapons.

The addon will be.


The award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studio teams are proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam! This release is in the form of a single installer, and is a completely optional addon. Click here to download the latest version of Project Reality Posting Rules.

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Project reality vietnam
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