Sqlite attempt to write a readonly database subversion

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Subversion has always been significantly slower with working copies on network, rather than local disks, but is worse than While using a UITableView to display MPMediaItems my log gets spammed with the following message: BEGIN IMMEDIATE could unexpectedly not be stepped after 0: 8/attempt to write a readonly database />.

But I haven't any idea what this means.

[Subversion-dev] SQLite locking for WCNG on NFS

Jul 01,  · Hi. When I try to select from sqlite DB using the new sqlite inspector everything is fine e.g. rows of statement ("select * from table") of sqlite database of file "c:\temp\abrasiverock.com" but if I.

Attempt to write a readonly database svn import

Oops, my bad. My account don't have the permission to run 'svn update'. Now it works again.

Navdata cache

i am very sorry for the inconvenience. @alroc, it's a remote linux server that I have no shell access to. I can access the web root through Windows as the server runs samba. It's likely I don't have permission, but I wonder if there might be other possibilities such as the working copy being created with an old version of svn, or just corrupt data.

When the new version of the app starts up, the read-only database connection in the native Java code is opened. When this connection spots the journal, it tries to roll back the journal.

And because it’s a read-only connection, it fails.

Sqlite attempt to write a readonly database subversion
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