Writing a diary entry

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A Letter from NCTUE

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Creating the best diary entries Orford has ever seen!! What are the features? What is a diary? Your exciting task!! A diary (or journal) is a book where an individual. Strategy. Introduce journal writing through reading aloud an illustrated picture book for younger students, or a chapter book for older students, that uses the journal or diary format.

To Write a Diary Entry with Penzu Penzu offers easy-to-use diary software, so you can create a digital diary that can be accessed anywhere. Go to abrasiverock.com to create a free account.

© Kids on the Net abrasiverock.com Written by Simon Widdowson Writing entries in a diary Visit Adventure Island and look at the examples of diary entries.

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Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry, released inis the debut album by rapper Petey Pablo. The album debuted at #25 on the Billboard chart with first-week sales ofcopies in the US and was certified Gold by the RIAA. It was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards, but lost to Eminem's album The Eminem Show.

The lead single, "Raise Up", made it to No. 25 on the. Events leading up to the enforced closure by Taleban militants of private schools in northern Pakistan are recorded in this schoolgirl's diary.

Writing a diary entry
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